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 Guild Rank, Renown and beyond.

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I talk too much
I talk too much

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PostSubject: Guild Rank, Renown and beyond.   Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:42 am

I believe that we, as a group will strive. I will not be able to recruit on my own, so please, feel free to ask around. If you group with someone that seems nice, ask them politely if they would like to join us here in DoS. There is no harm in asking, but please remember to be nice in your asking.

The guild is leveling which is great, but remember the more members we have that are leveling the faster the guild will level!

RvR is a huge part of this game and I believe that we will be able to capture and maintain a keep, which will not be easy, but its one of the goals I have for this game.

Remember that we are still growing, leveling and learning about the game. I do not expect everyone to spend every free hour they have in-game and we will go far because of this.

Any other questions or concerns please PM me Smile
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Guild Rank, Renown and beyond.
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